Monday, December 22, 2014

Round up the year

I finally managed to write something now after series of great times with great people. 2014 has been great for me especially with life. It was funny cause i remember at the beginning of January i was reading on some yearly horoscope (i know, very typical of me), and it says that i will have a great travel year, everything will change to betterment, and it's all about travelling. And i was like, sure, i'm going to Singapore right after i finished my Bachelor's thesis. But that was the start.

So i finally graduated on January, where i defended my final bachelor's thesis to three most powerful lecturer in the university, Pak Tony (Dean), Pak Deddy (Head of Rector), and Pak Urip (specialist of HR and employment). I was nervous, shaking, and so scared that i won't get my grade good enough, but it ended up happily ever after, I got A for my thesis and that means my GPA for that semester is 4 out of 4 which could not get any better, really. I'm so proud of myself and thankful of beloved people that helped me through. And then it went to February where, well, i didn't have anything, really, except for enjoyment and fresh air, and on March, i went on holiday to Singapore with my half :). It was great experience and first time for me to have holiday outside of the country in such a long time, and i felt like i really needed it. April was okay for me except that i have 4 years-anniversary with Panka, which was a record for both of us and we're proud of it :). Great and shocking news came on May where i got accepted for scholarship from Aarhus University in Denmark! yes DENMARK which is so cool. It was such a huge news for me since going to Europe was my dream, plus i also got accepted in Birmingham University, but i had to choose Aarhus with big consideration. Months after that were pretty fast for me and it was time for me to leave Indonesia on August where it was a big sad moment. I had to leave everyone that i love for two years and really, it was really hard. But i have faith that everything is gonna be alright. I finally got to start my semester in September, and i was nervous and clueless! But everything went great, i got many nice friends, i spent my time (and money) for fun things, and really, it couldn't get any better. I went to Hamburg, Germany on November for a project+holiday (hehe..) with my international friends and it was more than awesome! I still cannot believe that i have my foot on Europe right now! Awesome! Now, it is pretty cold on December, the winter is coming, the wind is even crazier, oh, i just hate the weather. But hey, i think i can survived! i got my winter boots and jacket from Panka, which i am so thankful about it, and i got friends to hang out and party with, it is just cannot get any better!

And it will come more excitement next year! 

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