Thursday, July 17, 2014

Love is a weirdo

Yes. if i could metaphor love to a person, i could see it as a weirdo. That beautiful yet ugly face that you hate to see, but miss a lot when you don't have them. That strong but yet have a deep weakness, when it comes to a situation (of course). That easy to get but yet difficult to be understood.

Oh such a weirdo.

I've been through a lot hell of phases in my life involving this 'weirdo'. It causes so much trouble, but yet, can't leave it. 

Lots of people want it as pet, but many of them want it to be part of their lives. It comes and go in a beautiful and painful way at the same time. Oh such a weirdo...

Couple of my friends told me that they're in a difficult situation with this weirdo. Some got confused with this weirdo cause it makes them to choose between two hard choices. He said, there's a responsibility involved. Hi weirdo, is there some kind of responsibility in you? I don't think so.

One of my friend also got confused cause this weirdo comes in a perfect situation (through a broken heart, of course), but wrong subject. I can say my friend got hurt and happy at the same time. huh. weird! This weirdo forces my friend to enjoy this feeling of happiness, but guilt at the same time. Even though forcing to feel differently. 

Myself, also got involved with this weirdo couple times, in beautiful and bad ways. But now, i am thankful that he came to tell me that i should be grateful. Yes, i do. This weirdo has taught me to have what you need, is not always what you want. I got frustrated at first. But what it says, is completely perfect. Somehow, i got what i need, as what i want. And i am more than happy, grateful, and overwhelmed of this weirdo in my life. 

But now, this weirdo tests me. Can it stays with me through different time lapse? 

Can i still have this weirdo with me, as long as the guy that i love now, passing a next separate couple year together?

How is it gonna work, weirdo?

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