Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Post

Umm, hi!

It's the first time since forever (i know right?) i finally write again. A whole new life, i suppose, a whole new world, new title has been added to my name (finally!), and there are just lots of things going on in my life. Hhh, i wish i could tell this blog everything but i'm not sure how many pages will i spend for it. So, just gonna start from the beginning, eh?

Hello, my name is Ghina. I'm currently on my way to 24 years old now (i know, such a big deal), and i just got my Bachelor Degree on January with a completely new-riddiculously title of Bachelor, which is epic, and i'm also about to start my next journey to another continent this August leaving everything behind (yes, that'd include my family and boyfriend), and start from the beginning. 

So Hi!

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