Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i am back!!

ok. start from now, i am gonna write down from last week. last week i was in Arizona for a week to visit my aunt Tammy in Phoenix. we slept in Ramada Hotel.huh,glad to be back!!

first of all, today i am in library because i don't have lunch because i forgot to bring money in and i already owe them $5. huh. duit mulu! but by the way now, i am so concern about Prom. again! prom ticket is on sale today till 25th and i haven't talk anything about prom with Kurt yet. should i pay for him or he paid for me? how is our dinner gonna be? do we want limo or not. i am so confuse right now. i dress nice today so i can talk with Kurt. you know, so i would look pretty.hehe. but i haven't meet him yet. i text Sarah Raup but she haven't text me back so what should i do?i want his cell phone number so we can talk about our prom. but i don't know..
oh!and Sunday, pappy Frank wasn't good and he got in hospital. mom cried. but he is doing well now.

Saturday, April 12th

we just got in the hotel at 6 pm because we missed our first plane. daddy was stressed because it was his first flight. dia nyebelin bgt mpe bkin gua kesel! there was nothing to stressed about. but he was just weird. anyway, at night, we went to Aunt Tammy's house. it was nice to meet her and uncle Mark. there were funny. they made a lot of spagetti and i couldn't eat it all. and we got back to the hotel at 11. i was exhausted.

Sunday, April 13th

i am not pretty sure where we were going that time. oh!i remember now. we went to my first pro baseball game in Chelse stadium. it was great. a lot of people. i don't really understand about baseball but it was interesting. it was DBacks vs. Colorado. i bought souvenirs and stuff there.
at night, hmm. we went to dinner in an Australian restaurant. and our waitress is cute. he was kinda small guy with Mexican-American face. he was so cute!i like him so much. and guess what?after uncle mark heard me said that, when Justin (the waitress came to the table, he said, "hey!can we take a picture with you and her (me) because she said you sort of cute". ARRGGGHHH!!!it was so embarassing! and he put his arm around my shoulder. i was actually kinda happy but it was so embarassing!!but he was so cute!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

my busy weekend (continue....)

see. i told you i don't have time to write it all. now ido because Mrs. Stone decided to do encore so we don't have to sing today. well, i actually want to sing today because i got picked to do solo part for Hairspray songs in the concert!!yeahh!!!i am so excited. but now, i am in the library so i can use internet. but i hope i can open MSN here so i can chat with my boyfriend tercinta. but i can't!!i miss him. he hasn't replied my text message since last week. i am worry about him actually. but, i don't know. it's up to him. maybe he's busy to study right now.
oh, btw, i am gonna continue about my long weekend.
Sunday (april 6th 2008)
today i was so tired. i woke up at 10 am this morning. but at 1.30 i had to go with mom to play bingo at school. she spent a lot of money to pay the ticket and the cupons. and ended by got nothing. yup. NOTHING. i don't know why we couldn't get any prizes today. not one. mom was so upset. but, hey!it's life. there were 20 games and we got nothing. i was actually worry if that was gamble or not because me as a Muslim can not gambling. but mom bought the ticket so, i don't pay anything!we did it to raised money for softball team anyway. so, yup. that was my day..
Monday (april 7th)
i am sick. totally sick.
Tuesday (april 8th)
i don't remember anything actually. but i am still sick
wednesday (april 9th)
basketball banquet tonight.. it was fun. gua ga nyangka kalo gua bakal dapet penghargaan di sana. gua hampir nagis aja gtu. gua ga nyagka aja. gua sebenrnya nulis pake bahasa Indonesia disini soalnya dibelakang gua ada temen.haha.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

my long weekend (continue...)

oh my GOD. ya Allah..i don't know why this week is a busy week for me. i can't even write my blog! ok, lets continue my story. on tuesday, i already write about my Friday. now, saturday, etc..

today, i have trip to New York City. i love NYC so much! i miss city!we were there to watch on Broadway show yg terkenal itu!hehe. we watch Spamalot with Clay Aiken in there! it was extremely hilarious!OMG! i was laughing all the the time!the gay part was so funny! so there is King Arthur, Lancelot (the gay man), Sir Robin (he has issue with his ass!),lady of the lake, and there are 3 more knights on there but i don't remember their name. the duration of the show itself was approximately 3 hours. they were all singing beautifully! before the show, we had tour in Cornegie Hall. it's the most popular theater in the world. our guide was actually pretty boring, but it was good though. he took us to inside of the building itself and told us that this building was built in, it think it was 1881. the architecture was great.
after that, my friends(Vanessa, Steph, and VAnessa's mom) and i were shopping, walking around till we tired. and at night, we had dinner at Planet Hollywood in NYC. it was awesome! oh i forgot!we went to the wax museum too! i took a picture with wax version of JLo, Michael Jordan, Lady Di, Yasser Arafat, Nelson MAndela, Jessica Simpson, The Rock, Mick Jagger, etc. they look real though!it was an awesome day!i got home at 1.30 at night. i was so tired!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

she pissed me off!!

OK.last night aunt Sheila pissed me off. first of all, you know i don't like her at all. she is...urghh.
and last night, she was calling the dog (Nova) to go to mom's bedroom because it was time to sleep. and i was just trying to help her because Nova didn't wanna listen to her. soi called Nova. and you know what? she said," STOP it! i hate when you do that. i was trying to call Nova and just let me do it by myself." and i was like, "OK!i was just trying to help you because Nova didn't listen to you!". so i just let her do that by herself and Nova still didn't listen to her till 5 minutes i think. she should realize HOW NOT IMPORTANT SHE IS. she has big mouth, always make get in trouble. always talk talk and talk. i don't like her!urgghh!!!thank GOD Alhamdulillah she is going home today so no more her till this weekend which is i got to go to NY at Saturday to watch Broadway.

oh!and this morning, Vanessa told me that i will go with her group. well, i am glad finally i got group to go because people that i like are not going. but hey!at least i have a group now so i don't have to worry about walking alone on the New York City..i actually not really happy to go with my group because..OK. Vanessa and Steph are some of my close friends. but i don't really like them. they just kind of weird. Steph is like metal girl. she is fine and nice but i don't really wanna make friend with someone weird you know. i know it's mean but, i like to make friends with someone whose popular. it doesn't have to be very popular, but at least they have a lot of friends too and they are nice..i am not gonna lie, but i have a lot of popular friends. and they are nice to me. but they are not my close friends. i can hang out with them, but not really close to them. i know i am just an exchange student that just exist in this school for only a year. ow, maybe not more than a year. because most of students are know each other for their whole life since kindergarten, so they already close each other before. but that's OK. at least i have a lot of friends now. and i am kinda glad that a lot of my friends that i thought they are Iva's friends, don't like Iva.hahahahaha. i am so glad.i know it's mean, but that's the true!
all right. bell is almost ring now. 3 minutes maybe.
so see ya!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

weird schedule

it's a weird shchedule on the school today. well, it's actually already started since Monday. but today is actually fun. i have double 10th period and double 11th period today which is nothing to do now. 10th period is strength training test (gym class) but we played pickle ball this morning because there were just 4 seniors left in the class. mmm, i am pretty good at it actually because it's like playing badminton, and i am pretty good at it. pickle ball is interesting. it's like playing tennis with ping pong rackets. it's pretty fun. i played on team with Sarah yorke versus Britney and Steph. i sucked at first but i wa good then. and after that, i played ping pong with steph and britney an it was fun!
and now, after finished my vocab homework which is i was totally forgot about it, i am in Ms. V's class right now. and after this, i am gonna go to Harvey's class. so, it's pretty much enjoy day today till tomrrow. i have Am. History test tomorrow. but i don't really care. well i do because i want to get the medal thing for the honor graduation. my grades are good for the whole marking periods. i always in the distinguish honor roll for a year. distinguish honor roll is for the 'smart' kids in the school that get GPA average above 95 % for one marking period. my grades are always above 95 % so i am on it babyy.haha. it's kindda hard to believe it right? i remember i always on the bottom 10 in my high school in jakarta. haha. but you know what, if i am not here, i probably can not proud of my self like i do now. i am the only exchange student here that get distiguish honor roll for the whole marking period. because you know, david is not pretty smart. he is smart but he is just...you know. and iva, you know i don't really like her. she is pretty but hey!i have better brain than her. haha.
this morning was interesting. lucas text me with something weird. he said, "nun tut petchen". i was confuse because i thought it was German language. but you know what, it's actually "ngentot pecun".hahahahahahaha. he spells it wrong. so i told what it suppose to be. he laughed. and taught him how to write 'apa kabar?' and 'baik'. it was interesting and funny actually. just 1 minute before this, i showed Indonesia and PIM to Ms. V. she likes it. and i explained to her about Indonesia. so she know at least little bit about Indonesia..