Friday, April 11, 2008

my busy weekend (continue....)

see. i told you i don't have time to write it all. now ido because Mrs. Stone decided to do encore so we don't have to sing today. well, i actually want to sing today because i got picked to do solo part for Hairspray songs in the concert!!yeahh!!!i am so excited. but now, i am in the library so i can use internet. but i hope i can open MSN here so i can chat with my boyfriend tercinta. but i can't!!i miss him. he hasn't replied my text message since last week. i am worry about him actually. but, i don't know. it's up to him. maybe he's busy to study right now.
oh, btw, i am gonna continue about my long weekend.
Sunday (april 6th 2008)
today i was so tired. i woke up at 10 am this morning. but at 1.30 i had to go with mom to play bingo at school. she spent a lot of money to pay the ticket and the cupons. and ended by got nothing. yup. NOTHING. i don't know why we couldn't get any prizes today. not one. mom was so upset. but, hey!it's life. there were 20 games and we got nothing. i was actually worry if that was gamble or not because me as a Muslim can not gambling. but mom bought the ticket so, i don't pay anything!we did it to raised money for softball team anyway. so, yup. that was my day..
Monday (april 7th)
i am sick. totally sick.
Tuesday (april 8th)
i don't remember anything actually. but i am still sick
wednesday (april 9th)
basketball banquet tonight.. it was fun. gua ga nyangka kalo gua bakal dapet penghargaan di sana. gua hampir nagis aja gtu. gua ga nyagka aja. gua sebenrnya nulis pake bahasa Indonesia disini soalnya dibelakang gua ada temen.haha.

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Sheyren Ruzi said...

haha gin, title lo obvious bgt. sama lg themenya ama gw. oia,gw udah pindah skarang ga di tumblr lg. hit me up on
just filled it up in april. lol.