Wednesday, April 2, 2008

weird schedule

it's a weird shchedule on the school today. well, it's actually already started since Monday. but today is actually fun. i have double 10th period and double 11th period today which is nothing to do now. 10th period is strength training test (gym class) but we played pickle ball this morning because there were just 4 seniors left in the class. mmm, i am pretty good at it actually because it's like playing badminton, and i am pretty good at it. pickle ball is interesting. it's like playing tennis with ping pong rackets. it's pretty fun. i played on team with Sarah yorke versus Britney and Steph. i sucked at first but i wa good then. and after that, i played ping pong with steph and britney an it was fun!
and now, after finished my vocab homework which is i was totally forgot about it, i am in Ms. V's class right now. and after this, i am gonna go to Harvey's class. so, it's pretty much enjoy day today till tomrrow. i have Am. History test tomorrow. but i don't really care. well i do because i want to get the medal thing for the honor graduation. my grades are good for the whole marking periods. i always in the distinguish honor roll for a year. distinguish honor roll is for the 'smart' kids in the school that get GPA average above 95 % for one marking period. my grades are always above 95 % so i am on it babyy.haha. it's kindda hard to believe it right? i remember i always on the bottom 10 in my high school in jakarta. haha. but you know what, if i am not here, i probably can not proud of my self like i do now. i am the only exchange student here that get distiguish honor roll for the whole marking period. because you know, david is not pretty smart. he is smart but he is know. and iva, you know i don't really like her. she is pretty but hey!i have better brain than her. haha.
this morning was interesting. lucas text me with something weird. he said, "nun tut petchen". i was confuse because i thought it was German language. but you know what, it's actually "ngentot pecun".hahahahahahaha. he spells it wrong. so i told what it suppose to be. he laughed. and taught him how to write 'apa kabar?' and 'baik'. it was interesting and funny actually. just 1 minute before this, i showed Indonesia and PIM to Ms. V. she likes it. and i explained to her about Indonesia. so she know at least little bit about Indonesia..

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