Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i am back!!

ok. start from now, i am gonna write down from last week. last week i was in Arizona for a week to visit my aunt Tammy in Phoenix. we slept in Ramada Hotel.huh,glad to be back!!

first of all, today i am in library because i don't have lunch because i forgot to bring money in and i already owe them $5. huh. duit mulu! but by the way now, i am so concern about Prom. again! prom ticket is on sale today till 25th and i haven't talk anything about prom with Kurt yet. should i pay for him or he paid for me? how is our dinner gonna be? do we want limo or not. i am so confuse right now. i dress nice today so i can talk with Kurt. you know, so i would look pretty.hehe. but i haven't meet him yet. i text Sarah Raup but she haven't text me back so what should i do?i want his cell phone number so we can talk about our prom. but i don't know..
oh!and Sunday, pappy Frank wasn't good and he got in hospital. mom cried. but he is doing well now.

Saturday, April 12th

we just got in the hotel at 6 pm because we missed our first plane. daddy was stressed because it was his first flight. dia nyebelin bgt mpe bkin gua kesel! there was nothing to stressed about. but he was just weird. anyway, at night, we went to Aunt Tammy's house. it was nice to meet her and uncle Mark. there were funny. they made a lot of spagetti and i couldn't eat it all. and we got back to the hotel at 11. i was exhausted.

Sunday, April 13th

i am not pretty sure where we were going that time. oh!i remember now. we went to my first pro baseball game in Chelse stadium. it was great. a lot of people. i don't really understand about baseball but it was interesting. it was DBacks vs. Colorado. i bought souvenirs and stuff there.
at night, hmm. we went to dinner in an Australian restaurant. and our waitress is cute. he was kinda small guy with Mexican-American face. he was so cute!i like him so much. and guess what?after uncle mark heard me said that, when Justin (the waitress came to the table, he said, "hey!can we take a picture with you and her (me) because she said you sort of cute". ARRGGGHHH!!!it was so embarassing! and he put his arm around my shoulder. i was actually kinda happy but it was so embarassing!!but he was so cute!!

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