Monday, May 12, 2008

last week,worst week ever!!

alhamdulillah last week is over. stress bgt mnggu kmren.byk bgt masalah.

problem 2: solo di canceled. BT!! ga mau dibahas lagi ahh.

problem 3: bikin project yg bikin stress. tapi akhirnya selesai dgn lancar dan alhamdulillah presentasi was excellent.

intinya cuma itu si..oia, nykp dah dpt fast internet,jadi ga pake dial-up sharian gua pas weekend ma serem2 pula. that little girl is the scariest thing i've ever seen in my life.i couldn.t sleep at night.OMG. so scary.
but we watched funny video too. we laughed so hard. i love youtube!i like Kev Jumba. he so popular in youtube. we used the video "i had to deal with stereotype" for the was so hillarious.
but we laughed so hard because of video "100 bucks if you don't smile"it was really funny.

oops.the bell almost ring.
so see ya again!

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