Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do we really know everything?

It is so weird on how people made headlines about everything nowadays. I guess people are just too interested on something, huh?

Starting from this year Presidential Vote, which made a huge different, i mean really, HUGE. It has impacts including to myself who was always been to lazy to move my ass to vote, literally. But this year, something has moved me, beat my laziness, and even created some kind of eagerness to sort of like involve in a campaign of one of the candidate. Which unusually, for this year, we have only two candidates to win the presidential election. 

This year was so different, so it kinda make me feel strange in my own country. There are so many people who are usually lazy and just simply don't give a shit about governmental issue, like me, eventually care about who wins the election. Wow. This amazed me. They even begged, and some were posting some crazy shit about another candidate in hope could change other people mind on deciding who to vote. So weird. Every time i logged on to Facebook, which i barely do that in the last couple year, the timeline was full of crazy news. i mean really crazy shit. Lots of people were trying to black mailing other candidate, even though I'm pretty sure the candidate itself don't know about them. haha!  I know, people just know everything, and just assume that they were all correct. Thats the power of media! which sometimes i hate.

But people are seemed to know everything. Ok. So after all some crazy stuff about presidential elections, here it comes the Religion VS Humanity shits...
So many people posted photos of dead children as part of the war-victim as they were there to help. And it's even getting worse! it comes with #hashtag. Right. A freaking hashtag. 

How do you feel, being a victim, seeing photos of your dying children went viral in all kind of social media, with caption, "We can save them! #makepeace #warcrimes #mean #love #savepalestine" blah-blah-blah without even doing anything. Come on man.. how's that make you feel? disrespected. Hows that gonna help you? Nothing.

And now comes the video of a well-known Professor said something which i think pretty much right and capable of making such comment based on the sake of knowledge and religion. And all of you said he's misguided and completely infidel? Think again please.. I don't wanna argue with this matter cause there is simply nothing to be argued about. it is totally clear.

So think about it again my friends. Is somebody like us, who is still lacking of information, could judge somebody that are more capable and more thoughtful than us? Do we really know everything?


Anonymous said...

Bok, gue baru tau lo punya blog! Blog-five! Oh btw, relating to this subject I'd say, judging is the most fun a person could do to others.

Ghina Septia Filiana said...

OMG is this Aldilawati Mesra? i didn't know you have one too! anyway, i know it is always fun to see someone judging over matters. But it's just irritates me if someone stupid does the judging.. hahaha.
It doesn't occur to us tho' :p