Monday, December 22, 2014

Round up the year

I finally managed to write something now after series of great times with great people. 2014 has been great for me especially with life. It was funny cause i remember at the beginning of January i was reading on some yearly horoscope (i know, very typical of me), and it says that i will have a great travel year, everything will change to betterment, and it's all about travelling. And i was like, sure, i'm going to Singapore right after i finished my Bachelor's thesis. But that was the start.

So i finally graduated on January, where i defended my final bachelor's thesis to three most powerful lecturer in the university, Pak Tony (Dean), Pak Deddy (Head of Rector), and Pak Urip (specialist of HR and employment). I was nervous, shaking, and so scared that i won't get my grade good enough, but it ended up happily ever after, I got A for my thesis and that means my GPA for that semester is 4 out of 4 which could not get any better, really. I'm so proud of myself and thankful of beloved people that helped me through. And then it went to February where, well, i didn't have anything, really, except for enjoyment and fresh air, and on March, i went on holiday to Singapore with my half :). It was great experience and first time for me to have holiday outside of the country in such a long time, and i felt like i really needed it. April was okay for me except that i have 4 years-anniversary with Panka, which was a record for both of us and we're proud of it :). Great and shocking news came on May where i got accepted for scholarship from Aarhus University in Denmark! yes DENMARK which is so cool. It was such a huge news for me since going to Europe was my dream, plus i also got accepted in Birmingham University, but i had to choose Aarhus with big consideration. Months after that were pretty fast for me and it was time for me to leave Indonesia on August where it was a big sad moment. I had to leave everyone that i love for two years and really, it was really hard. But i have faith that everything is gonna be alright. I finally got to start my semester in September, and i was nervous and clueless! But everything went great, i got many nice friends, i spent my time (and money) for fun things, and really, it couldn't get any better. I went to Hamburg, Germany on November for a project+holiday (hehe..) with my international friends and it was more than awesome! I still cannot believe that i have my foot on Europe right now! Awesome! Now, it is pretty cold on December, the winter is coming, the wind is even crazier, oh, i just hate the weather. But hey, i think i can survived! i got my winter boots and jacket from Panka, which i am so thankful about it, and i got friends to hang out and party with, it is just cannot get any better!

And it will come more excitement next year! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Happiest Nation In The World

So it has been two weeks since the first time i came to Denmark. In the beginning, i was terrified. Yes, sounds childish and fragile, but that's just how i felt. I was afraid that i won't get any friend in the campus, I was afraid i won't understand why the teachers say in the class, afraid from getting lost, afraid of everything. But, hey you know what, this is my third day in the class, and everything went great! Love it so far! people were so nice, pretty open i can say, at least now. Well i hope this will continue til the end!

As some of you might know, Denmark is the happiest nation on earth. People smile and everything. But there are some things that we have to know about this nation. Well, at least from my perspective:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Between Selfies and tongsis?

As i promised on previous post, here are some pictures of us. FYI, tongsis is involved :)


Reaching our dreams

           - Our Aarhus town and University :)

Welcome to Denmark!

Hi Everyone!

So it's been sometimes since i haven't wrote anything in this blog due to several circumstances in my life (too formal, i know). But seriously, there are things going on in my life right now, maybe i've mentioned it before in previous posts (or maybe not). 

But anyway, i have been accepted to one of top 100 universities in the world, and top 50 in Europe, Aarhus University (QS World University Ranking). I, myself, with 2 other students from Universitas Bakrie got accepted in this University. Probably some of you are asking how could someone from, well, a pretty much young campus in Indonesia, got accepted in this big University, not to mention, with a full scholarship? YES, full scholarship. One word, AWESOME. 

This all started when you have intention. Intention to find yourself to have a brighter future. How so? I know, when most of you graduated from college or your Bachelor degree, you'll find yourself some, well, enjoyment, the feeling of relieves. But don't get stuck too long with that feeling, cause you still have to find a job, doing many other things, etc. At this stage, i found myself also stuck for a couple of months, working in a great place called @america (awesome place to work), until i realise, i have to aim something higher in my life, out of my comfort zone. Yes, seeing the world. I know, some of you might think it's suppose to be education. But i'd say, see the whole world is the highest aim, one of the way is through education. Lucky me, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT, i got both things at the same time, going to Europe while getting my MSc. 

So, I graduated on January 2014 from Bakrie University with very satisfying result, i must say for a lazy person as myself, with my full scholarship program granted by Bakrie Enterprises. On March i got a call from my mentor telling me that there is full scholarship program offered by a University in Denmark. And i said, sure! i'll try it. So i asked my best friend Amandari, who's also from Bakrie University, to try it. Right away, we collected every document we need for the application, big credit goes to Pak Tony (our Dean and my thesis supervisor in Bakrie Univ.) and Pak Deddy (our head of program at a time) for helping us. We made an account and submit our applications together, while at the same time we were also applying for universities in UK with LPDP scholarship program. Then two months later, on May, we got acceptance letter from Aarhus University plus the scholarship offer from the university. Also Kak Alfan, who i knew very well from Debate club in Bakrie University, also got in! Wow! We were so happy and confuse at the same time. We were thinking, "What? Denmark? Are we going to Denmark?". At same time, we also got acceptance letter from Birmingham University in UK. We didn't know what to do. It was like a dream for us. What do we have to do??

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Love is a weirdo

Yes. if i could metaphor love to a person, i could see it as a weirdo. That beautiful yet ugly face that you hate to see, but miss a lot when you don't have them. That strong but yet have a deep weakness, when it comes to a situation (of course). That easy to get but yet difficult to be understood.

Oh such a weirdo.

I've been through a lot hell of phases in my life involving this 'weirdo'. It causes so much trouble, but yet, can't leave it. 

Lots of people want it as pet, but many of them want it to be part of their lives. It comes and go in a beautiful and painful way at the same time. Oh such a weirdo...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do we really know everything?

It is so weird on how people made headlines about everything nowadays. I guess people are just too interested on something, huh?

Starting from this year Presidential Vote, which made a huge different, i mean really, HUGE. It has impacts including to myself who was always been to lazy to move my ass to vote, literally. But this year, something has moved me, beat my laziness, and even created some kind of eagerness to sort of like involve in a campaign of one of the candidate. Which unusually, for this year, we have only two candidates to win the presidential election. 

This year was so different, so it kinda make me feel strange in my own country. There are so many people who are usually lazy and just simply don't give a shit about governmental issue, like me, eventually care about who wins the election. Wow. This amazed me. They even begged, and some were posting some crazy shit about another candidate in hope could change other people mind on deciding who to vote. So weird. Every time i logged on to Facebook, which i barely do that in the last couple year, the timeline was full of crazy news. i mean really crazy shit. Lots of people were trying to black mailing other candidate, even though I'm pretty sure the candidate itself don't know about them. haha!  I know, people just know everything, and just assume that they were all correct. Thats the power of media! which sometimes i hate.

But people are seemed to know everything. Ok. So after all some crazy stuff about presidential elections, here it comes the Religion VS Humanity shits...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cukup Kaget

Cukup kaget mendengar bahwa beberapa musisi asing kelas dunia (bahkan bisa dikatakan legenda) mengeluarkan suaranya mendukung salah satu Calon Presiden. Walaupun agak miris rasanya mendengar Calon Presiden yang satunya lagi (karena melihat situasi ini) menyatakan untuk jangan memilih Capres yang didukung asing (I know right?).
Cukup kaget melihat kini, banyak orang, jutaan orang yang dulunya tidak bersuara dalam pemilihan presiden, sekarang mengeluarkan suaranya dan terang2an mendukung Calon Presidennya.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Post

Umm, hi!

It's the first time since forever (i know right?) i finally write again. A whole new life, i suppose, a whole new world, new title has been added to my name (finally!), and there are just lots of things going on in my life. Hhh, i wish i could tell this blog everything but i'm not sure how many pages will i spend for it. So, just gonna start from the beginning, eh?

Hello, my name is Ghina. I'm currently on my way to 24 years old now (i know, such a big deal), and i just got my Bachelor Degree on January with a completely new-riddiculously title of Bachelor, which is epic, and i'm also about to start my next journey to another continent this August leaving everything behind (yes, that'd include my family and boyfriend), and start from the beginning. 

So Hi!