Thursday, July 17, 2014

Love is a weirdo

Yes. if i could metaphor love to a person, i could see it as a weirdo. That beautiful yet ugly face that you hate to see, but miss a lot when you don't have them. That strong but yet have a deep weakness, when it comes to a situation (of course). That easy to get but yet difficult to be understood.

Oh such a weirdo.

I've been through a lot hell of phases in my life involving this 'weirdo'. It causes so much trouble, but yet, can't leave it. 

Lots of people want it as pet, but many of them want it to be part of their lives. It comes and go in a beautiful and painful way at the same time. Oh such a weirdo...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do we really know everything?

It is so weird on how people made headlines about everything nowadays. I guess people are just too interested on something, huh?

Starting from this year Presidential Vote, which made a huge different, i mean really, HUGE. It has impacts including to myself who was always been to lazy to move my ass to vote, literally. But this year, something has moved me, beat my laziness, and even created some kind of eagerness to sort of like involve in a campaign of one of the candidate. Which unusually, for this year, we have only two candidates to win the presidential election. 

This year was so different, so it kinda make me feel strange in my own country. There are so many people who are usually lazy and just simply don't give a shit about governmental issue, like me, eventually care about who wins the election. Wow. This amazed me. They even begged, and some were posting some crazy shit about another candidate in hope could change other people mind on deciding who to vote. So weird. Every time i logged on to Facebook, which i barely do that in the last couple year, the timeline was full of crazy news. i mean really crazy shit. Lots of people were trying to black mailing other candidate, even though I'm pretty sure the candidate itself don't know about them. haha!  I know, people just know everything, and just assume that they were all correct. Thats the power of media! which sometimes i hate.

But people are seemed to know everything. Ok. So after all some crazy stuff about presidential elections, here it comes the Religion VS Humanity shits...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cukup Kaget

Cukup kaget mendengar bahwa beberapa musisi asing kelas dunia (bahkan bisa dikatakan legenda) mengeluarkan suaranya mendukung salah satu Calon Presiden. Walaupun agak miris rasanya mendengar Calon Presiden yang satunya lagi (karena melihat situasi ini) menyatakan untuk jangan memilih Capres yang didukung asing (I know right?).
Cukup kaget melihat kini, banyak orang, jutaan orang yang dulunya tidak bersuara dalam pemilihan presiden, sekarang mengeluarkan suaranya dan terang2an mendukung Calon Presidennya.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Post

Umm, hi!

It's the first time since forever (i know right?) i finally write again. A whole new life, i suppose, a whole new world, new title has been added to my name (finally!), and there are just lots of things going on in my life. Hhh, i wish i could tell this blog everything but i'm not sure how many pages will i spend for it. So, just gonna start from the beginning, eh?

Hello, my name is Ghina. I'm currently on my way to 24 years old now (i know, such a big deal), and i just got my Bachelor Degree on January with a completely new-riddiculously title of Bachelor, which is epic, and i'm also about to start my next journey to another continent this August leaving everything behind (yes, that'd include my family and boyfriend), and start from the beginning. 

So Hi!