Thursday, April 3, 2008

she pissed me off!!

OK.last night aunt Sheila pissed me off. first of all, you know i don't like her at all. she is...urghh.
and last night, she was calling the dog (Nova) to go to mom's bedroom because it was time to sleep. and i was just trying to help her because Nova didn't wanna listen to her. soi called Nova. and you know what? she said," STOP it! i hate when you do that. i was trying to call Nova and just let me do it by myself." and i was like, "OK!i was just trying to help you because Nova didn't listen to you!". so i just let her do that by herself and Nova still didn't listen to her till 5 minutes i think. she should realize HOW NOT IMPORTANT SHE IS. she has big mouth, always make get in trouble. always talk talk and talk. i don't like her!urgghh!!!thank GOD Alhamdulillah she is going home today so no more her till this weekend which is i got to go to NY at Saturday to watch Broadway.

oh!and this morning, Vanessa told me that i will go with her group. well, i am glad finally i got group to go because people that i like are not going. but hey!at least i have a group now so i don't have to worry about walking alone on the New York City..i actually not really happy to go with my group because..OK. Vanessa and Steph are some of my close friends. but i don't really like them. they just kind of weird. Steph is like metal girl. she is fine and nice but i don't really wanna make friend with someone weird you know. i know it's mean but, i like to make friends with someone whose popular. it doesn't have to be very popular, but at least they have a lot of friends too and they are nice..i am not gonna lie, but i have a lot of popular friends. and they are nice to me. but they are not my close friends. i can hang out with them, but not really close to them. i know i am just an exchange student that just exist in this school for only a year. ow, maybe not more than a year. because most of students are know each other for their whole life since kindergarten, so they already close each other before. but that's OK. at least i have a lot of friends now. and i am kinda glad that a lot of my friends that i thought they are Iva's friends, don't like Iva.hahahahaha. i am so glad.i know it's mean, but that's the true!
all right. bell is almost ring now. 3 minutes maybe.
so see ya!

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