Thursday, April 10, 2008

my long weekend (continue...)

oh my GOD. ya Allah..i don't know why this week is a busy week for me. i can't even write my blog! ok, lets continue my story. on tuesday, i already write about my Friday. now, saturday, etc..

today, i have trip to New York City. i love NYC so much! i miss city!we were there to watch on Broadway show yg terkenal itu!hehe. we watch Spamalot with Clay Aiken in there! it was extremely hilarious!OMG! i was laughing all the the time!the gay part was so funny! so there is King Arthur, Lancelot (the gay man), Sir Robin (he has issue with his ass!),lady of the lake, and there are 3 more knights on there but i don't remember their name. the duration of the show itself was approximately 3 hours. they were all singing beautifully! before the show, we had tour in Cornegie Hall. it's the most popular theater in the world. our guide was actually pretty boring, but it was good though. he took us to inside of the building itself and told us that this building was built in, it think it was 1881. the architecture was great.
after that, my friends(Vanessa, Steph, and VAnessa's mom) and i were shopping, walking around till we tired. and at night, we had dinner at Planet Hollywood in NYC. it was awesome! oh i forgot!we went to the wax museum too! i took a picture with wax version of JLo, Michael Jordan, Lady Di, Yasser Arafat, Nelson MAndela, Jessica Simpson, The Rock, Mick Jagger, etc. they look real though!it was an awesome day!i got home at 1.30 at night. i was so tired!

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