Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back Home after three years

To be asked, yes i am excited. For what? because thanks to God i got accepted to go to United States for one more time (and i hope for millions time after) to be a group leader in End Of Stay YES Orientation 2011.

I am so happy and excited right now but scared inside. Let me tell you about it.

I got the announcement a month ago and i started to apply for visa, and so forth. Thanks God AFS and Mas Dudi from US Embassy Jakarta made my way easier and faster to get the visa. I got it just 2 days after i got my visa interview. isn't it great?

One thing that makes me curious is, i am going to be on the flight just by myself. Yes, just one little Indonesian girl fly to 31 hours of flight going around the world. Totally awesome -.-. I was hoping that i could go through Europe route (transit in Frankfrut) then fly to DC. The fact is, i am going through Asian route which i'm gonna go through Pacific Ocean. Right, an ocean. It's not because i'm scared to be on the plane, but i am scared to be on the top of the ocean. The fact that i cant even swim is frightened me. I am not thinking or hoping to the worst condition (definitely not!) but, you know, there is just this fear in my mind. I cant swim. And eventhough i could, the sharks will definitely gonna eat me out. so scared.

They usually sent at least couple of group leaders, but for this EOS, they are just gonna send one kid.

That is the fact that i am trying to deal in right now.

Right now, i am still trying to deal with my final exams and will be ended on Thursday. So it's a perfect holiday, isn't it?

Despite of any kind of fear that i'm dealing right now, it doesn't stop me from the willingness to meet people from all over the world in AFS End of Stay next week. and of course, my great families, John and Sherry Andrews and all my American friends! i miss them so much!

All tickets have been confirmed. I'll depart on June 25th, mama's birthday, and will be back on July 22nd to meet my Panka Gumilang <3

See you there!!

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Annisa Sudibyo said...

You're gonna have a safe flight, and no Ghina-was-eaten-by-sharks news will come up :p

We wait for your posting, of all foods, all photos, all new friends, anything :D

Enjoy your delight trip, we'll always pray for your safety, dadaah mwaah :*