Thursday, November 10, 2011

Behind the pride

As an Indonesian, i'm very proud knowing my country is, again, becoming the host of SEA Games, the biggest sport event in South East Asia. This year, the event is held in two big cities, Palembang and Jakarta, starts from November 10th -November 22nd. Very fascinating to watch how lots of talented athletes coming and see the beauty of this country. But there's something bugs me, there are so many 'improvements' going on in this city. Starts from the restorations of the streets, until eviction of the 'sidewalk store'. It all suddenly happens just before the big event which started this week. Well they said it all because of the pride that this country try to show in front of other nations and maybe, it can be part of our tourism campaign? 

Well whatever they try to make there are two sides that we can consider, good one, or bad one. The good thing is, yes we will get the pride (hopefully) by showing that our country is capable to hold such a big and expensive event like this, and one thing is, we as the citizen, ummm, can enjoy the 'beauty' of this country. But the bad thing is, is it continuously? or it's just the euphoria of the games?

What do you say?

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