Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and Pie! Finally :D

Every Thursday, Third week on November is always be a Thanksgiving day. Lots of turkey, Pumpkin pie, Dip, Mashed Potatoes with gravy sauce, yummy i know, are always be fascinating things as dinner. Oh and don't forget the stuffing!

For all of you who might don't know what stuffing is, it's a mix of bread, turkey, and some spices, all together become one. In a tradition, as my host father said, Americans usually put the stuffing in the turkey (yes, IN the turkey) and put in on the oven. Owh i still remember how it smells.. We usually eat it with mashed potatoes and gravy sauce also. Delicious!

Well, as you know, it's been three years since my last Thanksgiving in United States and two days ago me and bunch of YES Alumni got the invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr. Ambassador at his house. It was really nice (big) house with bunch of food. Mr. Ambassador and all the embassy staffs are really nice and very welcome to greet us.

After little opening speech, he sliced the turkey as a sign for us to start the dinner that located on his dining room. We were all very excited with the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and etc.
After the dinner, Mr. Ambassador and all his staffs were mingling so they could chat with all of us. This is why i love Americans, very appreciative, and very warm, warmer than Indonesian itself sometimes.

With Mba Reni

With Ted Lyng

Turkey Time!!

With Tanti and US Flag

Thank you US Embassy.

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