Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As the Time Goes By


it's January, 11th 2011. Lots of things happened since the last time i posted.
What's so special about this number? People are planning to do something special today. Me myself don't find any special thing. Still doing my job and study (ha! i wish!). I am pretty happy with my life. Lets see what else happened on the beginning of this year.

  1. A very memorable AFF event where Indonesia lost the match from Malaysia. Indonesia is the best team with no lost (before the final match). On final match against Malaysia, oh they have two matches btw, home and away. first match was in Bukit Djalil, Malaysia. I still remember at the time #Garudafightsback, #Indonesia, and #Malaysiacheatlaser became trend topics on twitter. Hilarious! On the first final match in Bukit Djalil, Malaysian supporters were awful. They throw laser on Markus (goalkeeper) of Indonesia to distract him. At the end, Indonesia lost 3-0. On the second match, we won 2-1, but we lost the trophy because of the aggregate score. But everybody knows that Indonesia is the real champion.
  2. #Nurdinturun. Nurdin Halid is the head of PSSI. Chaos happened in Belora Bung Karno when Indonesian supporters insisted to buy ticket to watch the final match between Indonesia and Malaysia in GBK. One man died, but it wasn't because of the radical queue, he died because of sickness. Indonesian supporters want Nurdin Halid to leave his position as the head of PSSI but until this time, he doesn't want to leave his seat.
  3. Gayus around the world. This legendary man is the key master to many tax corruption case. Now, he's been prosecuted as the man who's guilty in the tax case. As a prosecutor, he is supposed to be in jail. What's interesting with this guy is, he went around the world (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Macao, and Bali) to watch a tennis tournament. He uses silly wig!

Those are just some of the things that happened lately. We'll continue later!

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