Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back.. (again..)

Yes, Back. That's the only word that can express my blog right now. After 2 years approximately without no post, yes, I'm back.

actually my friend, adry remind me of blogging just an hour ago and that hits me and made me think, "hey! how's my blog anyway?" And then i start to open this website and was shocked by the password security that kept prevent me from logging in. "Oh crap!", i thought. And then i started to think to send blogspot an email, and waited for their email back. After long waiting, finally i could open my blog and started editing the design-which is outdated- to be updated. Surprised by the last time i wrote a post was October 2008. W-o-w. it was like almost 2 years ago.

Two years, quite long time ago,eh? 2 years ago i was an 18 years old girl. And now i'm like almost-20 year old-girl, which is i always regret. Oh well, lots of things happened too. I was actually no close of being a kinda extrovert by posting and publish my own life here, in Internet. But it happens anyway.

Privacy is no longer a word during these days. By the existence of twitter, facebook, MySpace, and several networking sites, privacy is no more than a word. Everyone wishes to tell story about their life, with me no exception. The post that i've made several years ago when i was an exchange student in USA shows that i wanted everyone to read my story. Yes, maybe i'm kinda lil bit extrovert, but nothing wrong with it,no?

As what i said, tons of things happened. Friends, School, house, boyfriend.. Well,lets not talk about boyfriend. hah!
I found more about life in these past 2 years. thousands things changed, including me. I believe everybody changed every second in their lives. But then it depends on people around them who can accept them, or not.

I've experienced several things that can prove people can't accept people changes. My old-love is the improvement. We broke up (idk how many times and when exactly). It hurts a lot, even until now. after 4 years long journey with tons of sweet and bitter memories, we finally ended in not a proper way. But i believe, both of us still have our own spot in our hearts that can not be replaced. It's our first love for God's sake! It's time to covering up everything. No time to forget, at least that's what i think.

forget is not a right thing to do, the right thing to do is live with it without considering it back.

I love him, he loves me. At least that's what i think and i'm quite sure about it.
I believe, no matter how hard our love is, if Allah already decided that we're gonna be together, then we'll be together, God knows when.
I never regret that i want him as my future, but i wont push it anymore. Just let it go.

Right now, i'm waiting for someone who loves me with heart.. i hope he's someone up there. I hope.


PankaGumilang said...
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PankaGumilang said...

you someone in my heart.. although isn't me in that post.. :)