Monday, July 12, 2010

Yea, World Cup euphoria seems already ended. Too fast as i can say. i wish it wasn't ended this fast. Lots of surprises with so many strong countries like France and Italy-who went home 1st-had the worst failure in their soccer history. It was ashamed, as what people said.

But despite that, The Oranje and The Matador had given a fascinating match last night. I personally supported Spain for a very beautiful-but messy-game last night. It was little bit disappointing of their game, but they won eventually. On the other hand, The Dutch gave a very strong fight last night. They seemed play cleaner than the Spanish. The tackles, passing, shooting, there were very nice, b
ut apparently, they lost.

Was Paul the Octopus that gave a 'vision' that said Spain was gonna win the match. And it was true! He becomes an icon of 'mystic'-or whatever you call it- of soccer game. I think Deddy Corbuzier and (Almh) Mama Lauren got their ass beaten by an octopus. hah!

David Villa (7)

Cesc Fabregas (my favorite. 10)

The "Man of the Match!!! Casillas (1)


adidas Golden Ball --> URU Diego FORLAN

adidas Golden Boot --> GER Thomas Mueller

adidas Golden Glove --> ESP Iker CASILLAS

FIFA Fair Play award --> ESP Spain

Best Young Player Award --> GER Thomas MUELLER

Last Man of the Match --> Spain Andres INIESTA


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